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3rd Annual Pickle Hunt! Find a Pickle and win a $100 Gift Card!

We'll be hiding Silly Willyz pickles Christmas trees in businesses in Pewaukee, Hartland, and Oconomowoc.  There are 3 pickles to find (one in each community).  If you find a Silly Willyz pickle, grab it and bring it to Silly Willyz! You'll now it's a Silly Willyz pickle because it will have our signature wrapping sticker and turquoise ribbon.  We'll know it's our pickle because... well we can't tell you that ;).  Any ties, disagreements, or general controversy over who found the pickle will result in that pickle being donated to The Christmas Clearing Council (NO EXCEPTIONS!).  You are eligible to find multiple pickles, there is no pickle lifetime limit (we celebrate our die hard pickle hunters!)  Happy Hunting!

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